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Our Expertise & Clientele - Drinking Water Treatment

We at AHURA AQUA TREAT employ several different Treatment Processes to turn raw unusable water into safe drinking water. The treatment processes designed by us varies according to the type and quality of the source of water.
But the Question arises - Why do we need to treat water?

There are many contaminants in the raw water which if not removed can harm human health.
These contaminants can be grouped into 3 categories:

  • Contaminants

    These do not dissolve in water rather remain suspended & make the water appear "dirty".

  • Chemical Contaminants

    Different chemicals are dissolved in the water from both natural & man-made processes.

  • Biological Contaminants

    A wide range of viruses, bacteria, algae, and other small living organisms are present in water which if not removed can cause several diseases.

Different Treatment Schemes have to be employed to get rid of these varied impurities.

The Treatment Processes that can be used depending upon the feed quality are :

    • Processes

      In these various types of filters are employed like :

      • Sand Filter
      • Carbon Filter
      • Micron Filter
      • Bag Filter
      • Iron Removal Filter
    • Membrane Processes

      In these various types of membrane filtration processes are employed like

      • Reverse Osmosis
      • Ultra Filtration
    • Softening Processes

      In these various types of Softening systems are employed like : diseases.

      • Water Softeners
      • Demineralisation Units
    • Water Disinfecting Processes

      In these various types of disinfecting systems are employed like :

      • U.V. Sterilization systems
      • Ozonator