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Product & Services - Spares and Chemicals

Item Description Images
Conductivity meters, pH meters, TDS Testers, ORP meter For various Applications
Flow meters For various Applications
Rotameters For various Applications
Low & High pressure switches For maintaining a constant flow rate
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Membrane Housings Membrane Housing for 4” & 8” membranes
Filter Cartridges Filter Cartridges
Item Description Images
Resins Resins for Softeners, Mixed Bed & DM Plants.
Filter Media Sand, Pebbles for Sand Filter, Carbon for Carbon Filter
Membranes RO/UF Membranes
Valves SS gate valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve, Diaphragm Valve & Other Valves
Multiport Valve Multiport Valve for Filters, Softeners etc,.
Strainers & Agitators Strainers of different sizes for different flowrates
Dosing Pumps Chemical Dosing Pumps, Electronic Dosing Pumps for chemical dosing.
Pumps Pumps for different flow rates
FRP & Stainless Steel Vessels FRP & Stainless Steel Vessels of different sizes
Vent Filters Used for Aeration and De-aeration of sterile storage tanks
Iron Removal Filters For Iron Removal
Reverse Osmosis & Ultra Filteration chemicals

We offer customers a wide range of Reverse .Osmosis & Ultra Filtration Chemicals.

  • RO & UF Anti-Scaling & Cleaning Chemicals.
  • These act as highly effective anti-foulant in brackish & high salinity waters for protection of RO & UF Membranes and equipments.
  • It helps in preventing precipitation of calcium carbonate, silicates, calcium sulphate & barium sulphate by increasing relative solubility.