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Product & Services - Storage & Distribution System

Storage & Distribution System
All the efforts taken & money spent on producing pure water is of no use unless it is properly stored and distributed.
  • Our well designed & properly installed storage & distribution system minimize possible contamination of water & proliferation of micro organisms.
  • PLC based ultra pure water distribution systems that is fully automated
  • Based on the latest welding technology, like the Orbital Welding for Stainless Steel 316L/ 316/ 304 grades.
  • Our product is based on USFDA/MCA guidelines.
  • Further, we also provide our products incorporating the WHO formalities, Plant Instrumentation, Complete Detailed Engineering and System Validation with DQ/IQ/PQ/OQ.
Water Distribution System
  • We offer Water Distribution Systems for Pharmaceutical & Food Companies.
  • The SS-316-l tubes & fittings are carefully selected, tested for various parameters.
  • Sophisticated but, economical time-tested instruments are used for automation & monitoring the loop, with special reference to velocity at supply & return piping.
  • We offer control panel with option of electrical or PLC. LCD monitors & SCADA facility, with print-out is also offered.
Water Storage System
  • We manufacture and supply best quality Industrial Storage Tanks as per our client requirement.
  • We are also engaged in manufacturing Water Storage Tanks of SS-316L, especially for Pharmaceutical Industries. These are carefully designed & Manufactured with special welding technology. We also offer options of 'Plain' tanks & 'Jacketed' tanks with Insulation & 'Cladding'.