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Our Expertise & Clientele - Industrial Water Treatment (Textiles)

Our Products
We assure high Water Quality Standards
  • Pure Water Generation Systems & WFI Systems
  • Recovery System for TREATED Waste water from ETP
Features of our Water Treatment Systems
  • Easy to Install, Operate & Modify
  • Compact, Skid mounted
  • Reliable & Long Lasting
  • Easy cleaning facilities
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduce water wastage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Automated for smooth functioning
  • Highly skilled technical support
We have wide range of Water treatment technologies specifically engineered for the Textile Industry to deal with all the above problems that fits both our clients budget & specific discharge requirements.
Processes Uses of Water as Input Common Pollutants
Scouring Alkali + Water Disinfectants & Insecticides residues, NaOH, Surfactants, Soaps, Oils, Spent Solvents, Enzymes
Bleaching Bleaching Agent + Water Sodium silicate, High pH
Mercerizing Water High pH, NaOH
Dyeing Dyes + Water Colour, metals, salts, surfactants, organics, sulphide, acidity/alkalinity
Printing Inks + Water Wash Urea, solvents, colour, metals
Poor Finishing Salts in water
  • Deionisation
  • Ion exchange
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra Filtration
  • UV disinfection
Poor Dyeing Quality Clogged Boilers
High Fuel Cost
Poor Cooling Clogged cooling Lines
Down Time for cleaning Clogged Water Jet Machines
Quality Problems Spin Finish Area
We also design, manufacture & commission best WATER TREATMENT PLANTS for recovery of treated waste water from ETP.
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