Product & Services - Water Filters (Ultra Filters)

We provide best quality Ultra Filters along with engineering services from designing to installation and commissioning. We design our systems as per the requirements of our clients.
Features of our Water Treatment Systems
  • Easy to Install, Operate & Modify
  • Compact, Skid mounted
  • Low pressure drop across Vessel
  • Reliable & Long Lasting
  • Easy cleaning facilities
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Automated Operation
  • Highly skilled technical support
  • 1 year warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Extensively used in industrial water & wastewater treatment
  • UF is a pressure driven membrane filtration process.
  • UF uses Hollow Fibre Membranes
  • Lower operating costs due to less energy consumption.
  • Used to remove suspended solids, colloids and all kind of micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus, etc.
  • Lower operating costs due to less energy consumption.
Water enters the membrane housing Flows through the Hollow Fibre Membranes & all the dirt is trapped inside it The liquid comes out from the membranes leaving all the dirt behind When the membrane reaches to the end of its service life Membrane is replaced.
  • Water & Waste water treatment
  • Food and beverages Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries
  • Other wide range of applications
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